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Die Yukon River Band Band besteht aus 6 erfahrenen und stilsicheren Musikern. Das Programm erstreckt sich von Traditional Country Music bis zum modernen. Die Yukon River Band Leidenschaft für Countrymusik. Eigene Arrangements. is on Facebook. To connect with Yukon River Band, log in or create an account. Es ist wieder mal an der Zeit, eine Band vorzustellen, die seit Jahren zu den populärsten in der fränkischen Country-Szene zählt. Gegründet. Die Yukon River Band live im Backstage Es ist wieder mal an der Zeit, eine Band vorzustellen, die seit Jahren zu den populärsten in der. Mit der fünfköpfigen Yukon River Band erleben Sie einen besonderen Countryabend: Randvoll mit bekannten und ausgefallenen Countrysongs auf frische Art.

Yukon River Band

Band 2 Teslin River / Nisutlin River Hans-Christian Bues, Eckhard Barth River Der Teslin ist ein Kilometer langer rechter Nebenfluss des Yukon Rivers. Band 1 Yukon River Hans-Christian Bues, Eckhard Barth. Teslin River Der Teslin ist ein Kilometer langer rechter Nebenfluss des Yukon Rivers. Mit der fünfköpfigen Yukon River Band erleben Sie einen besonderen Countryabend: Randvoll mit bekannten und ausgefallenen Countrysongs auf frische Art.

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Municipal services provided by the city of Whitehorse include: water and sewer systems, road maintenance, snow and ice control, non-recyclable waste and composting, as well as a mosquito control program.

The Legislative Assembly Building is located in downtown Whitehorse and elections usually take place every three to five years. Residents of the Yukon have been voting federally since a byelection returned the first Yukon MP in January and, from onward, have had candidates from at least four federal political parties to choose from.

All court matters are handled in Whitehorse at the Andrew Philipsen Law Building which also houses a law library. Yukon's Territorial Court three judges handles most adult criminal prosecutions under the criminal code and other federal statutes.

Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre offers a variety of courses and activities that focus on general training, leadership, and expedition training up to the instructor level.

Courses are two, three, and six weeks long and are offered throughout the summer. Local cable provider NorthwesTel hosts three local television channels: Community Cable 9, [79] an advertisement slide-show channel and a public service channel.

Initially served using the Frontier Coverage Package until Anik satellite broadcasts became available early in ; this transmitter was shut down on July 31, due to budget cuts.

Whitehorse's two major English-language newspapers are the Whitehorse Daily Star founded as a weekly in , it now publishes five times per week since and the Yukon News founded as a weekly in by Ken Shortt, published five days a week from to , and currently prints twice weekly.

Whitehorse contracts out its police service to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police , with the main police station on 4th avenue in the city centre.

It was built in to become a public safety building. The Fire Department currently operates with thirty-three full-time staff and approximately ten volunteers.

WHFD is equipped and trained to respond to Motor vehicle Accidents, high and low angle rescue, confined space, and static water ice rescue.

Haz-mat, swift water and urban search and rescue are not under the departments current capabilities or can only be responded to at awareness levels.

Whitehorse Fire Department is the largest municipal fire department in the territory and the only professional one. Fire and life safety inspection throughout the City of Whitehorse are conducted by the Whitehorse Fire Department duty crews as well as designated Fire Prevention Officers under the direction of Municipal Bylaw "Emergency Services Bylaw" with authority from the current edition of the National Fire Code of Canada.

Wildland fire crews also operate in the summer to combat the forest fires across the territory. They will lend assistance to crews in B.

An additional 39 MW of diesel generation is maintained for supplemental back-up. Additionally, Yukon Energy operates two wind turbines near Whitehorse, which are connected to the Whitehorse-Aishihik-Faro grid.

These units need to be specially adapted to deal with icing and the northern environment. During WWI beds increased to 30, 10 beds were added in , then 20 beds in , and an operating wing was added in In the hospital was rebuilt on the other bank of the Yukon River, across from its previous location, but decision making was still based in Ottawa National Health and Welfare, Medical Services Branch.

Construction of the present building lasted from through Today Whitehorse General hospital counts 49 in-patient beds, 10 day-surgery beds, an ER department, OR suites and several medical imaging technologies.

The airport was developed as part of the Northwest Staging Route in —42 and has two long paved runways. A wartime-era hangar served as terminal building from about , and was replaced in December with a modern terminal.

Air North , a scheduled passenger and cargo airline operating Boeing jetliners and Hawker Siddeley turboprops, is based in Whitehorse. Surface access to Whitehorse is provided by a network of highways, including the international Alaska Highway connecting the Yukon with Alaska, British Columbia, and Alberta highway networks.

Whitehorse has been described as "pearls on a string", with its residential, industrial, and service subdivisions located along the main thoroughfares that carry traffic within city limits, with large gaps of undeveloped often hilly land between them.

The Alaska Highway is the primary roadway, with branch roads reaching additional subdivisions.

Other branch roads Range Road, Hamilton Boulevard, Mayo Road access smaller residential areas and recreational facilities. The city road network is adequate, although it is congested during rush hours and discussions occasionally occur as to how it might better be managed, such as designating one-way streets.

Whitehorse Transit provides bus service on weekdays from morning until early evening and on Saturdays during business hours.

There was a waterfront tram, known as the "trolley" , which provided transport along a short rail section along the Yukon River; it was chiefly tourist-oriented and is not integrated into the municipal transit system.

It runs from the Rotary Peace Park, located on the south end of the city centre, up to the north end of the city centre at Spook Creek Station.

Whitehorse presently has no active railway service. The trolley system runs on a small portion of the tracks formerly belonging to White Pass and Yukon Route.

Speculation of a transcontinental rail link to Alaska includes one possible route option through Whitehorse; a report has recommended a hub at Carmacks , with a spur line to Whitehorse and on to the Inside Passage of Alaska.

Currently, no passenger or freight services use the river at Whitehorse. Water disposal is mostly done by draining into a septic tank where the sewage is not that well developed.

Waste is disposed mostly in areas requiring reclamation. This includes places like quarries, mined areas, etc. Notable politicians include the first female mayor of Whitehorse, in , Ione Christensen whose family had moved to Whitehorse in , and Yukon's first senator , in , Paul Lucier , who stayed in office until his death in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Whitehorse yukon. Territorial capital city in Canada. Territorial capital city in Yukon, Canada.

Territorial capital city. Downtown Whitehorse and the Yukon River , August Coat of arms. See also: Music of the Yukon. Further information: List of Canadian federal electoral districts , Yukon electoral district , and List of federal political parties in Canada.

Main article: Whitehorse Waterfront Trolley. Canada portal. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Canadian Encyclopedia.

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City of Whithorse. City of Whitehorse. Yukon News. General development plan, Whitehorse metropolitan area.

Environment Canada. Retrieved 16 June Daily Hive. Canadian Climate Normals — Climate ID: Weather Atlas.

Whitehorse Star. Bylaw Services. Socio-Economic Web Portal. Planning and Development. Development and Planning, Lot Sales.

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YG Department of Community Services. YG — Department of Community Services. City Departments. Yukon Energy. About Us. Yukon Hospital Corporation.

YES Group. Shire of Campaspe — Minutes. Places adjacent to Whitehorse, Yukon. Whitehorse, Yukon. Provincial and territorial capitals of Canada.

Subdivisions of Yukon. My favorite morning on the river! After 17 days of paddling the river, the guides decided to let Shannon and I lead the group into Dawson CIty With all the excitement and stoke in the world, five canoes were lead the wrong way around gravel bars, became beached in the shallows and enjoyed a last minute panic ferry!

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Explore local businesses on Facebook. Sign Up. Photo contributed by Marie Mähnert. Posts about Yukon River.

Shauna Magowan is at Yukon River. Yvonne Hachkowski updated her cover photo. Kim Bo Larsen is at Yukon River.

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Aufbruch zum Yukon: Yukon River Band 1 eBook: Mira Bluhm: radiomagic.co: Kindle-Shop. Band 1 Yukon River Hans-Christian Bues, Eckhard Barth. Teslin River Der Teslin ist ein Kilometer langer rechter Nebenfluss des Yukon Rivers. Band 2 Teslin River / Nisutlin River Hans-Christian Bues, Eckhard Barth River Der Teslin ist ein Kilometer langer rechter Nebenfluss des Yukon Rivers. Band 2 Teslin River / Nisutlin River Hans-Christian Bues, Eckhard Barth River Der Teslin ist ein Kilometer langer rechter Nebenfluss des Yukon Rivers. Hallo! Gerade ist mein neues eBook "Aufbruch zum Yukon" erschienen. Es handelt sich um den ersten Teil einer Reihe, der zweite Teil wird noch im Juni.

Els gwich'in, especialment sota el lideratge de Sahneuti , van enfrontar la Companyia de la Badia de Hudson amb els comerciants nord-americans de la Companyia Comercial d'Alaska.

Arran d'aquest incident Fort Selkirk va quedar abandonat i no es va restablir fins al Lamentablement, Kennicott va morir d'un atac de cor quan remuntava el riu Yukon.

Un grup comandat per Skookum Jim Mason va descobrir or en un afluent del riu Klondike l'agost de Entre Guggenheim , que utilitzava dragues flotants.

La mineria de l'or va tornar a Klondike i a altres zones amb la important pujada dels preus d'aquest metall durant els anys Tot i que la majoria de les "Primeres Nacions" van signar els acords, les seves reivindicacions territorials i d'autogovern continuen en l'actualitat.

La seva costa nord es troba sobre el mar de Beaufort , i la riba occidental se circumscriu als graus oest de longitud.

El terreny inclou serralades , altiplans i valls fluvials. El sud-oest es troba dominat pels camps de gel de Kluane, integrats dins la Reserva i Parc Nacional de Kluane.

Un bon nombre de glaceres emergeixen d'aquests camps de gel, entre els quals destaquen la Logan , l' Hubbard i la Kaskawulsh.

D'acord amb les definicions de l'ecozona d' Environment Canada , el sud i centre del territori representen l'"Ecozona de la Serralada Boreal", mentre que el bosc del nord constitueix l'"Ecozona de la Serralada de Taiga".

Tot i que poc habitual, el bedoll d'Alaska Betula neoalaskana pot trobar-se al Yukon. En llocs elevats es poden veure ovelles Ovis dalli i, al sud, la cabra blanca Oreamnos americanus.

Es practica la silvicultura a petita escala. Service i Jack London. En l'actualitat [ Quan? Abans de l'arribada de les formes modernes de transport els rius i camins de muntanya eren les principals rutes de transport emprades pels pobles costaners tlingit que comerciaven amb els atabascans, destacant el pas Chilkoot i la ruta Dalton.

Cada comunitat posseeix un aeroport, sent el tursime i les prospeccions mineres la seva principal font de negoci.

Va obtenir un cert nivell d'autogovern a partir de , quan es va convertir en un districte separat dels Territoris del Nord-oest. El el govern federal i el comissionat van delegar part del seu poder en una assemblea territorial que, aquell any, va adoptar un sistema de partits de govern responsable.

El es va signar un acord territorial entre 7. El novembre de , 11 de les 14 "Primeres Nacions" van signar acords amb el govern.

Article principal: Febre de l'or de Klondike. Profil du recensement, Recensement de , As salmon do not eat during their spawning migration, Yukon River salmon must have great reserves of fat and energy to fuel their thousands-mile long journey.

As a result, Yukon River salmon are noted for their especially rich and oily meat. The villages along the Yukon have historically relied on and continue to rely on salmon for their cultural, subsistence, and commercial needs.

Salmon are traditionally dried, smoked, and frozen for both human and sled-dog consumption. Common methods of fishing on the Yukon include set gillnets , drift nets , dip nets , and fish wheels.

The preference of certain gear is largely dependent on the river's varied characteristics in different areas.

Some parts of the river do not have eddies to make set-nets successful, whereas in other places the tributaries are small enough to make drifting impractical.

Over the last 20 years salmon recruitment, the number of returning adults, has taken several shocks. The late s, s, and s have been marked by radically reduced runs for various salmon species.

The United States Department of Commerce issued a Federal Disaster Declaration for the and Commercial Chinook Yukon River fisheries, calling for the complete closure of commercial fishing along with restrictions on subsistence fishing.

Various organizations are involved to protect healthy salmon runs into the future. The Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association was formed in by consensus of fishers representing the entire drainage in response to recent disaster years.

Its organizational goals include giving voice to the village fishers that have traditionally managed these resources, enabling communication between fishers and fishery managers, and helping to preserve the ecological integrity of salmon runs and local cultures' Traditional Ecological Knowledge [21].

In March , the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. River in the Yukon territory of Canada. View of the Yukon River near Whitehorse, Yukon.

British Columbia Yukon. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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United States Geological Survey. Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 6 March Retrieved Arctic Great Rivers. Morrison Hurtig Publishers.

Peter, Katherine Peter English, of course, has no nasalized vowels. All these terms mean the same thing in translation—'Big River.

Zagoskin 's Note 63 , translated in, Zagoskin, Lavrenty A. Michael, eds. University of Toronto Press. Zagoskin did not come into contact with the Gwich'in Indians and had no access to the information that Yukon means white water river in Gwich'in — the language from which the word came.

Kari, James; et al. Lieutenant Zagoskin's Travels. Adjectives followed the nouns that they modified in Holikachuk.

Orth Dictionary of Alaska Place Names. Orth does not say "probably" when discussing Kuikpak s meaning.

Orth's use of "probably" is limited to the discussion of Yukon s meaning, which indicates that Zagoskin's report that Yukon means big river was never verified.

In addition, Orth's "Sources" do not even include the Hudson's Bay Company correspondence, which states that Yukon means white water river in Gwich'in.

Daraufhin entschied die kanadische Regierung, im Yukon-Gebiet eine eigene Verwaltungseinheit see more schaffen und eine kleine Polizeitruppe zu entsenden, um so die Lage in den Griff zu bekommen. Dease River [59]. Sie lebten bis Mitte des Cody: Flora of the Yukon Territory. Die meisten Beschäftigten im aushäusigen Gewerbe weist der Einzelhandel auf, mit über Arbeitnehmern. So wurden Bisons wieder angesiedelt, etwa read article Aishihik Lake. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Dazu zählt etwa das entstandene Yukon International Storytelling Festivaldas von Angela Sidney — initiiert wurde, die zu den Tagish zählte. So sind sie nicht nur stärker im Bereich des League Paarungen Champions tätig, sondern auch Initiatoren von international anerkannten Kulturdarbietungen geworden. Schaut man sich die Setlist an, fällt sofort auf, dass neben einigen hinlänglich bekannten Standards, die die Line Dancer halt immer wieder hören möchten, eine ganze Reihe herrlicher Songs dabei sind, die andere Bands hierzulande selten oder nie spielen. Yukon River Band Inkscape Filter unterscheidet man mehr als 20 Herden. Der Arktische Ozean bildet die Nordgrenze. Innerhalb des Territoriums stehen 31 Flugplätze zur Verfügung. Dabei finden sich bisher weit über solcher Stätten in Yukon. Englisch und Französisch. Der örtliche Gold Commissioner verwaltete https://radiomagic.co/online-casino-bonus-ohne-einzahlung/options-handel.php Territorium nun mit und war nur dem Innenminister berichtspflichtig. Der Commissioner konnte sich im Konfliktfall jedoch durchsetzen. Der Tourismus basiert zum einen auf den Nationalparks sowie Rebuy SeriГ¶s zahlreichen Nutzungstypen der ausgedehnten, menschenleeren Gebiete, zu denen Kajak- und Raftingfahrten, Tierbeobachtungen und Wanderungen gehören, ebenso wie Lehrpfade und Einführungen in die indianischen Kulturen. Michael, eds. Subdivisions of Yukon. Throwback to this time last year I was in the home stretch to Dawson City. Currently, no passenger or freight services use the river at Whitehorse. Yukon Elections. The focus of his entrepreneurial energy switched a few years later when he or his wife, Kate Carmackdiscovered gold, at what was to become the Discovery Claimnear Dawson City.

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List of Residential Schools. Biological Survey of Canada, Da die kanadischen Territorien keine eigenständigen Provinzen waren und see moresondern direkt der Regierung unterstanden, wurde mit einem Bundesgesetz am Demnach waren es im Juni noch Von Bis der Führung von Elijah Smith und anderen verbanden sich Forderungen nach Landrechten im gesamten Territorium, es kam zur Gründung übergreifender Organisationen, wie der Klondike Indian Association Die eigentlichen Reservatsschulen, bei deren Besuch es zu weniger ausgeprägten kulturellen Entwurzelungsprozessen kam, da Litebit.Eu Kinder am Ort blieben, kamen dabei weniger stark in die Kritik.

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Allerdings versuchte das Territorium im Jahr Gas- und Ölförderung wieder ohne Konsultation der Stämme durchzusetzen. Morrison in seinem Werk Showing the Flag. Dies gilt nicht nur für den Rückgang der Gletscher, sondern auch die abnehmende Feuchtigkeit in dem ohnehin sehr niederschlagsarmen Territorium.

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Hinzu kamen Personen mit mehreren Angaben. Bis wurde das Yukon-Territorium von einem Commissioner regiert, der vom jeweiligen Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Minister für Indianerangelegenheiten und Entwicklung im Norden eingesetzt wurde. Hinzu kommen kulturelle Veranstaltungen, wie Musikfestivals Frostbite Music Festival oder Dawson Music Festival , aber auch zunehmend die historischen Relikte des Goldrauschs, vor allem in und um Dawson, aber auch historischer Eisenbahnen. Schlagzeuger Jürgen kam von der Fullhouse Countryband, die sich leider vor einem halben Jahr aufgelöst hat. Letztere kommt nur gelegentlich am Teslin River vor. Beitritt Konföderation. Die frühe arktische Kultur breitete sich nach der Eiszeit an der Küste entlang weiter südwärts aus, möglicherweise auch entlang des Yukon.